Standard Group

Quality British Made Shoe Repair Machinery

DN Series Blakes Main Spares


The following are the needles are supplied for the Geneva
WA07001 Size 5 Blake Needle 4002HL

Whirls & Pinions
MP1237 Thread pinion
MP1238 Thread whirl

Thread – Through the Machine
MP1497/A Black Geneva Thread
MP1498/A White Geneva Thread
MP1499/A Brown Geneva Thread, or
WA11008/A 6-Cord Z-Twist (Reverse)
Linen Natural Thread

Thread - Through the Bobbin/Shuttle
WA11020/A 6-Cord Waxed Linen Natural Thread, or
Geneva thread (as above),

Other Items
DN927 Bobbin
DN1114 Bobbin Extractor
DN463 Short Threader
G996 Long Threader
DN928 Thread Splitter
DN936 Thread Lifter

DN Series Blakes Main Spares