Thinking about a machinery service?

Standard Engineering Ltd employ a small team of service engineers, who help maintain and repair shoe repair machinery dotted around the country.  Shoe repair finishers generally need very little input from our people – basic maintenance and good housekeeping will usually keep one of our 700’s going well for years.

However, from time-to-time our finishers develop faults that only a qualified, time-served engineer, backed by a warehouse full of spare parts, can sort.

Over the expected quarter of a century (or possibly even longer!) life expectancy of a finishing machine you might well expect to log a handful of service visits.  Taken individually these visits might seem a costly exercise – one, at the time, you may consider you can ill-afford. 

However, we are talking about the machine that generates a large percentage of your shoe repair takings.  And if you thought about the costs incurred, spread out over the projected life of the finisher, we estimate that you could well be paying out less than £1 per week. 

One whole pound (new style please!)

  • Or, equivalent to the cost of a low to mid-range Sunday newspaper.
  • Or a quarter of a cup of a coffee from your favourite Barista
  • Or two thirds of a paperback from a High-Street Charity shop
  • Or half of a National Lottery Ticket
  • Or about six seconds’ worth of a Premier League footballer

Makes the service Standard offer seem an ever better bargain than ever!



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