Still got that niggly "Cobbler's Headache?"

A couple of years ago Standard Engineering launched the “Air-Flo” range of benches and Pressbenches which incorporated an air filtration unit, specifically designed to take away an appreciable proportion of the fumes caused by the application of adhesives.  The “Air-Flo” Pressbench was a fully inclusive press and work unit, including filtration unit, powerful swing-arm press, air lines, silent compressor, hobbing feet, storage and work areas.  All in all, a good piece of kit.
Adhesive fumes are unavoidable in a shoe repair shop.  Most cobblers probably don’t even notice them anymore, except when a customer makes a comment, or they find themselves going home with niggling headaches night after night.
The problem with marketing the “Air-Flo” Pressbench is that repairers, by and large, don’t invest in their press unit in the same way they might in their finisher.  They can see the value of updating a finisher, whereas a press is seen very much as a secondary device.  Very few repairers will buy a brand new pressbench unit to sit alongside their old, battered finisher, making it look even more tired!  Our solution – the “Air-Flo” bench.
The “Air-Flo” bench is small enough to fit into most repair shops – it is only 50cm wide – but gives the same filtration technology as the “Air-Flo” pressbench, as well as storage areas for glue pots and lin bins for neatly storing away anything else you don’t want hanging around and cluttering your shop.  The quiet device will, if used as your adhesive bench, greatly benefit both you and your customers by giving you a cleaner, healthier working environment.
As with everything else we produce, the “Air-Flo” bench can be painted to match most machinery colours or shop décor.  Please see our advert opposite for contact details.

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