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Five years ago we had just revamped their website and wanted to include a feature about how exactly we built and supplied our shoe repair equipment, from initial phone call to installation.

At that time we were at the start of the process of supplying Andy of the Shoe Box in Haselmere with a set of machines and he kindly agreed to be the subject of the website feature.  Andy’s order was an ideal one to feature as it included both new and reconditioned machinery so could show off Standard’s all-round engineering prowess.  The finished article, snappily entitled “Machinery Build Example” is still a popular feature of our website today. 

The last line of the piece reads,

“Andrew knows that any information, help, or parts he requires in future can be sorted by a single phone call to Standard Engineering.”

This has, eventually, proved to be correct as Andy, who has always expressed an interest in investing in new technology, has been back to us recently with a seemingly curious request.  He wished to replace his existing benching area with a made-to-measure unit which featured two flash activators, two Air-Flo units AND match the colour of his previous equipment!  Oh, and with a shoe-rack over the top if you please!

Measurements were duly taken and a design agreed upon which included shelving areas, Lin bins, with locations for flash activators and ranger stands.

The tinwork was built and painted to match his other machines.  The flash activators and Air-Flo units, which filter much of the adhesive fumes created when working, were constructed.  The bench top was sourced and cut to size.  The unit was constructed in four sections, proving very useful when it was delivered as each section had to be taken, in turn through the shop, to be reassembled and restored to its full glory.

Although entirely bespoke units such as Andy’s new Air-Flo Unit aren’t the norm for us, it is a testament to our full, on-site construction facility that we were able to rise to this particular challenge.  Standard Engineering at its best, proving that we are at the forefront of innovation and development in our trade.

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