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Cutting Edge 2020


The Cutting Edge Chaiman's Statement in the latest "Cutting Edge" magazine made intersting reading.  For the numerous reasons, obvious to all, the Annual Exhibition is being squeezed from all sides, resulting in reduced visitor numbers.  The decision has been made to defer the next Annual Exhibition to 2020, and run the event bi-annually thereafter.  This would put the Cutting Edge Exhibition on a similar footing to other comperable Exhibitions in Europe, and across the World. 

Hopefully, by 2020 both the suppliers and the trade will come back, refreshed and eager!  In the meantime, our own showroom is always available should you wish to come and test drive one of our machines, or have a look around our on-site production facility, or simply drink our tea (!)  Simply contact us and we'll sort out a mutually convenient time and date.

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The Cutting Edge Chaiman's Statement in the lates