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At Standard Engineering we have always kept half an eye on the shoe repair equipment listed on various online auction sites.  Partly out of interest as to what wonderfully ancient equipment people believe is still viable and worth thousands, and partly in the hope that someone is offering a Geneva Blake for pennies which we can snag back!

Sometimes we know when a “new” machine is being offered online when we start getting numerous phone calls enquiring about the availability of obscure spare parts for a Lynx, Dove, or a Model H finisher.  We often have to let down disappointed callers when we can’t assist with parts for a machine that is upwards of 60-years old.  Or, try to explain why they can’t run a Power Master from a household 3-pin socket.

Recently it struck us that there were times we were scrapping equipment that was, frankly, better than most of the machines being offered on auction sites, appearing dirty, untested, potentially unsafe and often overpriced.

We tested the water as to whether this was a market we could cater for by putting a few traded-in finishers and stitchers through our factory in Kettering and offering them in a checked, cleaned and tested condition via a specially created page on our website.

We have been pleasantly surprised by the reaction within the trade, with many machines being sold lately using this new option.  Second-hand or mechanically reconditioned machinery prepared and delivered by Standard, complete with our seal of approval and warranty has proved a popular venture! 

At the time of writing available for shipping is the ever-popular 700 and a Power Master – the once revered brand and market leader.  Stitchers are thinner on the ground presently as they sell pretty much as soon as they appear on the web page.

Emboldened by our success, we now show all of our newly checked-over equipment on our website in the “Machinery Available for Immediate Delivery”.

Have a look.  We are confident you cannot obtain better machinery at a better price!


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The Best machines at the Best Prices