Model 710 Shoe Repair Finisher

The Model 710 finisher is the most popular shoe repair finisher available today. It combines a no-nonsense robustness with ergonomic design and all the features required by the modern operator. The tooling layout will be familiar to shoe repairers the world over. The machine benefits from excellent extraction and quiet operation. There are numerous modern options for this finisher to allow the repairer to specify the Model 710 as they require it.


Available with either 3 phase (400 Volts, 50Hz power supply) or 1 phase (230 Volts, 50Hz power supply)

High Speed Steel top-piece trimmer (no cutter sharpening tool)
Bayonet fitting 3mm with shield
Bayonet fitting 8mm with shield
Complete groover on bayonet fitting

Breasting cone
1500mm x 75mm x 24G band
1500mm x 40mm x 80G band
Adjustable Naumkeag

3 sets of brush and pad (one shaft also has a rotary edge iron) on manually operated revolving turret.
Integral exhaust fan and filter unit
Machine fitted with NOMEX fire retardant bag

Stove dried Hammer paint finish
Dimensions 1232mm W (plus 100mm for the handle) x 795mm D (minimum of
750mm for delivery) x 1720mm H. 400 Kilos.
Maximum noise with all motors running – 80dBA.

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