For many years, Standard’s Twin Bulb Heaters and Flash Activators were used to warm up the repairer’s bacon sarnies on a cold morning or keep your tea or hands warm!   Oh, and sometimes for shoe repairing!

Being so useful, these devices were often left permanently ‘on.’  Nice for the warmth, but not so nice for the electricity bill!  

Standard have revised the design of their two flash activators, the “Mini Hica” and the “465A” to allow the operator more choice in how they work.  The Mini Hica is used in most of the busiest shoe repair shops in the Country and beyond.  A solid, well-built item that puts more control in the hands of the operator. It uses a timer on the flash ‘Boost’ section which allows more control over how you use the heat generated.  It also includes a new addition, a second timer on the ‘on/off’ button, set at 10 minutes, to make sure that your device is not left permanently on, and certainly no longer than you need it to be, keeping your electric bills to a minimum! 

The 465A, a slimmer, wider design also includes the same specification as the Mini Hica, but is more suited to our modular machine set ups. It is wider to allow for long soles and is higher to allow for bulkier materials/footwear to be placed under the heater tubes.  Along with the timers on both ‘on/off’ and ‘boost’ buttons, we believe, your NEW activator will more than pay for itself by saving you money on your electricity bills and keeping your workshop a little neater. In fact, we’ll go one further, we reckon that they will pay for themselves in the first two years of their life!  

So, to recap, the NEW activators are:

·        More energy efficient

·        More adaptable

·        Ergonomically designed in line with our modular design ethos

·        Colour matched to your existing machinery if required


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